I'm Dandy Weng

a 19-year-old homeschooler.
The world is the school of my own.
I'm stepping forward with my free flesh and soul.

Lige Island

Away from school
Just for probing more

After two-year's kindergarten and two-week's primary school, I left and began homeschooling. Since then the test-oriented system and anything inside it had nothing to do with me. I started learning and doing with all my interest.

I have no clear purpose but specific direction because I know it's better to watch the way a thing goes.

Compared to any result, I care more for the process of schooling. Learning is traveling and I know the process will be as long a way as my life.


Came to the world

2005Age 10

Being in ready for self-teaching

2006Age 11

Learning graphic design

2007Age 12

Touching programming

2008Age 13

Getting along with cameras

2009Age 14

Starting web design and development

2010Age 15

On my way traveling round China

2011Age 16

Knitting together all my interests

2012Age 17

Integrating all my learnings

2013Age 18

Realizing having been an adult

2014Age 19

Staying fool and staying hungry

I love traveling

Traveling plays an essential role in my learning.
Yearly, I'm always on my trip about a quarter of the year.

All my footsteps have been marked here on the map.
China is so large, but the world is much larger.

Traveling round the world is not a dream only.
I'll keep going a little farther.

There lies a wordless book between the heaven and the earth.
I've been traveling, observing, reading and thinking, but the world is forever more than I can know.

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I'm fond of photographing

I like photographing, especially taking pictures of natural sceneries.
I'm keen for photographing because of traveling. And, I’ve always been eager to travel for more photographing.

I like design and programming

Creation is interesting. Beauties can be recorded by cameras, but it seems that you can design and program something beautiful. Designing means creative and programing seems rigorous. Anyway, the two seemingly conflicted acitivities can be unified.

I've been able to design and program many things, from graphic to 3D, mobile apps to software, HMI to NMS & SOP, and from furniture to house decoration. And I hope to design my life, if I could.

This website, the marriage of designing and programing, is the 5th version, but it will be rebuilt again, from top to toe, within a year, to present my ideas and what I've learned in the past year. All the four former versions are listed beside so that you can trace the way I go.

Screenshot of version 2013
The new points in this website include grid layouts, various of experimental CSS factors, plenty of animations, off-line HTML 5 caches and Canvas drawing, all of which support Retina screen and iOS Web App.


Screenshot of version 2012
Modulated layout was added, together with some CSS animations.


Screenshot of version 2011


My first HTML 5 webpages, but with little CSS 3 quality.
Screenshot of version 2010


My first website, interesting.

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Some of my speeches

I was invited to give speeches in some of the country’s famous univerties this year. I felt lucky to share my stories, thoughts and opinions with the students of my age. You can find from the videos here that I was so nervous and even awkward. But, after all, the humble boy seemed to have said something new, didn’t he?

The Way Unusual


· Shanghai

Speech at TJU

The world has prepared us with everything. We are born to venture on the way, broad or narrow, without hesitation but readiness. As a homeschooler who’s treading and will hit on an unusual road, I’d like to ask the world if the sights along the way are unique.

The past + the present = the future


· Guangzhou

Speech at JNU

The future seems far beyond but it’s around us. The equation was illustrated in my speech with my special way of learning, experience and finding from which you learn something about my past, present and future.

The Way of Self-teaching


· Ningbo

Speech at UNNC

Why did I drop out at ready after I’d become a pupil for only two weeks? What does a pure homeschooler look like? How did I find and build up all my interests? Then what have I thought about?

Taking Nice Photos with Your Phone


· Xi'an

Speech at XJTU

We are surrounded by beautiful things which could only be found by observant eyes. But how to spot and record them at the first place? In fact we need no complex equipment but certain skill and good habit to take some pictures like a professional photographer.

For Unique Sights? This Way!


· Tianjin

Speech at HEBUT

Dad’s attitude toward education and his life is included. It seems that dad's realized the conflict between the country’s typical schooling and the common value. I’ll tell you more about my self-teaching and how to live a creative and unyielding life.

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