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Hi, I'm Dandy Weng.

Welcome to my world.


After two-week's primary school, I dropped out and began homeschooling. Since then the exam-oriented system and anything inside it have been kept away from me.

Now I'm 23. During all of my "school years", I kept learning and doing with my interest, and trying to connect them.

Explore The World

I'm traveling about a quarter of the year since traveling helps my learning. There lies a wordless book between heaven and earth. I can observe, explore and ponder on my trips. The world, however, is and will be more than I can know.

Traveling the world is not a dream only. I'll keep going a little farther.

Cities I've visited in China

The Arts of Light

I like photographing, especially taking scenic pictures. I'm keen for it because of traveling, and I’ve always been eager to travel for more picturesque landscapes.


Design A Lot

I design various kinds of things, from graphic to interior, furnitures, User Interfaces, and most of all, Web Design.

I deeply enjoy making something from scratch with all my creativity. I love design, and I believe it makes life better.

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Logical Mind

I enjoy challenges, and that’s exactly what coding brings to me. Most importantly, it improves my logical mind.

I’ve learned Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL in the past 6 years, and I’m still learning new programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C.

This website you’re visiting is my homepage which is redesigned completely once a year to display some of the latest Web Development stuff I’ve learned in the past year.

Earlier Versions of This Website


A Fan of

Apple’s stylistic simplicity has its great influence on my design. As a fan of Apple, I once queued for the first iPad 2 in China for 14 hours and iPhone 4s for 20 hours. I'm currently learning iOS development to create some great apps.

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More About Me

I’ve been invited to give speeches about the stories in my unusual education in several selected universities since I was 18. Here’s a video of my very first speech, at Tongji University. It’s worth watching if you wanna know more about me.

The Way Unusual

The world has prepared us with everything. We are born to venture on the way, broad or narrow, without hesitation but readiness. As a homeschooler who’s treading and will hit on an unusual road, I’d like to ask the world if the sights along the way are unique.

Shanghai, December 2013

Say Hello

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Any message you leave here will be published on the Message Board in my blog. I'll reply you as soon as I can.

If you're sending an invitation to me for a speech or an interview, or if you just don't want your message to be posted publicly, feel free to email me at


Please note that I will neither accept any kind of job offers and commercial event invitations, nor like photographing, designing and developing for money.

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