I’m Dandy Weng,
an autodidact.

And I love traveling, photography,
design and programming.

Instead of going to schools like most people,
I chose to become an autodidact.

I learn everything from nature, and the internet.

There are no ways to learn from nature except traveling,
and luckily, that's exactly what I love.

Traveling makes me love photography even more,
and vice versa.

Driven by the curiosity for new technologies,
I’m self-teaching programming via the internet.

Web Artificial Intelligence iOS Server AR/VR Internet of Things Databases Swift Objective-C JavaScript CSS HTML Python C++ PHP Docker Kubernetes Nginx Apache Flask Django Machine Learning Turi Create Create ML Cache Image Classification Image Recognition TensorFlow PIL WordPress HomeKit MLKit UIKit Mapbox SQLAlchemy Vue.js D3.js SCSS LESS Bootstrap NodeJS NPM Yarn PIP CocoaPods Electron jQuery Webpack Babel SVG WebGL Arduino Raspberry Pi HomeAssistant ARKit C# Unity NoSQL MongoDB Access RDBMS MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite Redis Memcached MapKit CoreAnimation CoreData CloudKit Linux XML GSAP YAML Git AppleScript Microservices Serverless Shell Script TopoJSON GeoJSON JSON Visual Basic WeChat Mini Program React TypeScript Containerization

I enjoy designing things, from furniture to graphics,
websites, visual identities, user experiences, and beyond.

I’m connecting the dots to create cool things,
by combining everything I love.

Camarts, a photography portfolio I’ve been designing and developing, features various apps that are taking full advantage of my programming skills.

Most photos were taken while I was traveling all over the world, which is made possible because I'm an autodidact.

It’s the culmination of the dot-connecting effort.

Take a Look

Eyeye is an eyesight trainer powered by AR eye-tracking technology.

Vary is a innovative Modular Journal Editior with built-in privacy-focused social network.

Here’s everything you need
to know more about me.


A talk I gave at Tongji University, Shanghai in December 2013.

Watch on YouTube | Youku


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